Alexis Bellino

Alexis defends her blog and her friendship with Vicki, and thinks Heather's comedy isn't too funny.

on Apr 18, 2012

Let's move on to what is important, and that is that Shannon and I had a BLAST! My only advice in a situation like this is don't dance in the car 10 days after surgery! UGH headache! LOL!

Gretchen coughing and Slade telling her to only text him was hilarious. Slade should know by now he can't shut a girl up! We like to hear our own voices, even if it's an injured voice! Gretchen truly planned on glamping with all of us, yet I knew all of us would be talking around the campfire the entire night, which is why I wasn't surprised she didn't come.

I have been getting all of your tweets and Facebook comments on my nose, and yes, I can breathe better, THANK GOD! Thank you so much for all of your concern on how I'm doing, it means a lot. If you are interested in a consult with my doctor, call Cosmeticare for Dr. Niccole (949-718-6900). Aside from General Hospital, I have some other really exciting news coming soon I'll be announcing on my Facebook page and my Twitter.


Keep Believing,