Alexis Bellino

Alexis reflects on the emotional reunion and looks towards a future where she's the boss.

on Jul 19, 2012

Tamra made the comment that I bullied Vicki in San Francisco. NO, it was NOT the same as what happened to me in Costa Rica. There are major differences between the two. Costa Rica was premeditated. Both Heather and Tamra left the room with the very clear intention of calling me out, and it was with hate in their hearts that they came to that dinner. Tamra even muttered, "We'll just kill the bitch. . ." Who says that? Who even thinks to say that? What happened in San Francisco was very organic, and Vicki sat at the table and asked me why I was mad at her. When I tried to diffuse the situation, Vicki then said "Bring it on," so I had very little choice but to discuss it at that table with Vicki. I never wanted that conversation to happen at that moment with other women present, but I also won't back down when put in a corner. In San Francisco, the spur of the moment wound up in a conversation where Vicki asked for answers. . .In Costa Rica, I wasn't asking anyone for answers.

While we are on the topic of Tamra, I have to say: I can take all of her abuse towards me, and even towards my husband, but her abuse towards God is unacceptable. I have never heard someone talk the way she talks. She has no shame. Jesus Barbie was cute, but almost crossing the line -- I can take it in stride. Yet Jesus Jugs doesn't just cross the line, it catapults over it. That comment has offended Christians everywhere. How does she decorate her home in crosses yet make a remark like that without an ounce of guilt? Then she is promoting Jesus Jugs wine glasses her Facebook page? So now it's blasphemy along with defaming Jesus and monetizing on what He sacrificed for us. I would die for Him, and I am sticking my neck out here in honor of Him: Tamra needs to publicly apologize not just to Christians everywhere, but also to Jesus. He doesn't deserve to have negativity attached to His name just because I decided to do this show.

Let's move on to another important topic: Nordstrom and treating the crew badly. I am so deeply sorry if this has ever occurred. I have wracked my brain, and had many, many people come forward telling me they have never experienced me the way Heather described. I have asked the production crew about what she was talking about and all of them looked at me crazy and said they knew nothing about what she was talking about. I have also received phone calls, emails, and private messages on Facebook and Twitter from Nordstrom employees saying they have assisted me and do not stand by what Heather has accused me of. I also saw the blog from the publicist for Nordstrom saying they will not acknowledge it nor stand by those accusations. Now, with that said, I am still not naive enough to think there may not ever have been a day I was not the perfect shopper, and for that I apologize. But if these accusations were true, don't you think that production would have captured ONE second, just one second, of footage of me behaving that way in three years of being on TV?