Alexis Bellino

Alexis reflects on the emotional reunion and looks towards a future where she's the boss.

on Jul 19, 2012

As far as Gretchen and I, only time will tell, and I know that time can heal many wounds. But there are some things that occurred over this past season that are very deep, and still very much open and raw. To me, so much changed because Gretchen did make a choice when she befriended Tamra -- she wasn't forced by anyone to make a decision, nor was she placed in a scenario where she HAD to choose either Tamra or myself. I never put her in that place and I have several friends who don't get along. It's impossible to have it otherwise. But do I feel her behavior towards me changed? Absolutely. Perhaps it was Tamra, perhaps it was that Gretchen didn't need me anymore.

Gretchen never would have handled the Fox 5 incident or Costa Rica that way last year. If she loved me and wanted to tell me about Fox 5 out of concern like she says she did, then why didn't she come to me the MOMENT she found out I got the job with Fox 5 and show me the emails instead of waiting and doing it on the reunion? Yes, I do want honest friends, and if I have lettuce in my teeth, you better tell me or else. . .but be kind when you tell me and do it with love. I felt none of that from Gretchen this season.

As for Costa Rica, she has been my good friend for two and a half years, so why didn't she come to me sometime in those two-plus years and tell me I said things that bothered her instead of waiting and jumping on the bandwagon in Costa Rica? I'm a big girl, and can handle constructive criticism (whether it's on TV or not), but she had two and a half years to come to me and never did. I feel like she has spent enough time with Tamra now that her patterns, behaviors, outlooks, and opinions have changed. The person Gretchen really is has been lost to this new mean-girl version. I want my old friend back.