Alexis Bellino

Alexis reflects on the emotional reunion and looks towards a future where she's the boss.

on Jul 19, 2012

The Fox 5 issue is ridiculous. If you listen to what Gretchen and I each say on the reunion, what you will hear (if you really pay attention) is that I'm not making it a competition, she is. I admitted that the producer had offered Gretchen and I both one taping when I was a guest at their station showing my dress line TWO weeks after Gretchen had been a guest showing her makeup line. I'm very honest to say that they even told me at that point they wanted both of us to do a taping about the Del Mar Races on the same day. I said yes that will be so fun, because at that time we were friends and I had no idea I would get a segment from it. I showed up and did the taping, she declined it. After that taping, I was offered to come back for one more, so I excitedly went. After that taping, I was offered a weekly Friday segment, and I was elated! I have no problem if Fox 5 was offering Gretchen a position too, after all this is the showbiz! But once Gretchen came to my home and said they were SUPPOSEDLY still offering her the position, I demanded exclusivity, which Fox 5 didn't hesitate to give me, so they obviously didn't want her badly enough to shut that door. It’s really no more than that. But what MADE it dramatic was the way Gretchen told me she supposedly had been offered something first -- she capitalized on this foreshadowing event at the reunion.

Before closing, I feel it is important to thank Vicki for standing by me this season. I never would have thought that she and I would be where we are. In the past, when Vicki and I were not friends, there were three things I always said about her: she has a big heart, she is a good mom, and she is a great businesswoman. I am not claiming she is my best friend, and I am not claiming that she doesn't have faults, because we all do. I just know that this woman does not have a mean, malice heart. We definitely don't speak every day, but we do hang out, and we are good friends. After being shocked by other actions that have occurred this season, we are taking our friendship slowly, and truly getting to know one another. I feel bad for all the backlash she has gotten for loving Brooks, and I feel that we need to let her figure her own life out. Everyone has said their feelings about him, now realize that she is 50 years old, and she will make up her own mind. Enough is enough.