Alexis Bellino

Alexis is willing to defend herself, but not to believe Heather's excuses for the bunco party fight.

on Mar 13, 2012

The latter half of the bunco party was not exactly what I was prepared for to say the least.

It was interesting to me that Jim was the only "significant other" not invited. Tamra invited Slade, who demolished her on stage the week prior, but didn't invite Jim? That seems twisted. Tamra claims that she invited all of the men, but let me set the record straight: Jim was NEVER invited. To say that he was is a flat out lie.

The fight between Vicki and Slade is just a flipping mess. UGH! I honestly felt stuck in a horrible spot because I could see both sides to this argument. Yes, Vicki did call Slade a deadbeat dad, and has even said some horrible things in the past about Jim and myself. However, that that doesn't mean we have free reign to open fire willy-nilly either. I don't like how Tamra and Vicki treated Slade and Gretchen in the past about Slade's child support, and how in the past neither Tamra or Vicki seemed to care that Slade's precious son was so ill. Yet I felt bad knowing Vicki's daughter was going in for surgery, and that Vicki was so terribly worried about Briana. It stinks that she was at a bunco party defending her looks to Slade and others -- how insignificant at that moment! It was just horrible. I know Slade was harboring hurt feelings about what Vicki had done and said, and I know Vicki was truly hurt by Slade's comedy routine, so I just wanted to hug both of them.

The next thing I know, I clearly hear Tamra, Terry, Heather, and Gretchen discussing my nose surgery. Why would Gretchen even mention my surgery to that group? What purpose did that serve? How foolish and juvenile! First off, it's no one else's business what procedure I'm getting done. Why does everyone seem so interested in my personal life when I'm not including them in it? Yes, I have been talking about a nose job for years, but I have NEVER HAD THE NERVE TO DO IT!