Alexis Bellino

Alexis is willing to defend herself, but not to believe Heather's excuses for the bunco party fight.

on Mar 13, 2012

Did anyone notice that Terry, "Mr. Plastic Surgeon," does not know exactly where the sinuses are? At bunco he was pointing to my high cheek bone, claiming that was where the sinuses were. Yet Dr. Niccole clearly refutes Terry's version of anatomy by drawing dots on the true location of my sinuses. Just sayin'. . . 

I struggle every week when I write my blog because I want to refrain from being mean, or getting caught up in the gossip. Some weeks I can do it, others, not so much. Sometimes I feel so beat up that I use the blog as my way of venting. I never want to be the mean-spirited, attacking person; however, I do have a right to state the facts. If someone is going to make accusations about me, you better bet your bottom dollar that I will state the truth. Just because someone has the audacity to state claims does not make them the expert, and I will never go down without a fight.

I love my fans like crazy and thank you all for being there through the thick and thin!