Alexis Bellino

Alexis explains how she's approaching her career, motherhood, and everything else day-by-day.

on May 10, 2012

Moving on to this week's episode: It was so refreshing to watch this week's episode and see NO fighting, no bickering, and the name-calling kept at a minimum (of course, there was one person who just couldn't go ONE episode without being gross and negative in some way). However, all things considered, I was shocked. I actually enjoyed watching the show for a change.

I am truly happy for Vicki and Tamra's new Wine by Wives endeavor. It's a great concept. I love giving back (charity) and I love wine! I feel we all need to lift each other up, even if others only want to tear you down. I try to support everything the other 'Wives do because at the end of the day, we are all working women just trying to make the most of this opportunity we were given. So kudos ladies, and I hope it's a huge success! The party they threw for the launching of WBW was a really good time and it is always fun to get dressed up and enjoy good company. . .without wine throwing. Regardless of what a certain snooty person thinks, we do happen to get dressed up often and go to elegant events that require a more refined air, but I never get tired of those events!

As for Brooks' meeting Briana and Michael, well that's a different story. It was difficult to watch and I could slice the tension coming through the TV screen with a knife. I know Vicki's kids are just being protective of their momma, but she is a grown woman and they must respect her choices -- just as Vicki respects their choices (such as eloping), even though she doesn't agree with it. I know things are much better between all of them now, so thank goodness for that!