Alexis Bellino

Alexis admits she isn't proud of some of her behavior this episode, but she also thinks a few people were being hypocritical.

on Feb 22, 2012

The saddest part of this episode for me was watching Gretchen make fun of me behind my back and chime in with Tamra throughout the evening. True friends just don't do that. That hurts.

The real kicker was when Tamra called Vicki jealous when Tamra just got jealous of Vicki and Eddie touching the night before??? That sure was the pot calling the kettle black. Vicki not saying goodbye to Tamra shocked me too, though! I think Vicki was hurt and felt disrespected.

And last but not least, I dedicated my shoe painting to my twins, and it is hanging on their wall in their bedroom, so thank you Heather and Timree!

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