Alexis Bellino

Alexis reflects on the rising heat in this episode and Tamra's comments.

on Mar 6, 2012

When Heather says I should save my faith for the important things, I have to say SORRY! I'm a woman that uses my faith all the time. . .for big, small, short, or tall things. The Lord I know wants to hear from me ALL the time. I don't just call on God when things are wrong, or I need something. He is ALWAYS with me. I talk about him for playful things too. I believe God has a sense of humor, and loves me whether I'm being silly or being serious.

Tamra accuses me of using a sex shop product from the gift bag I won on my lips, calling me an airhead. I feel our viewers are intelligent enough to see that it was lipgloss I was applying, not whatever weird sex product Tamra herself included in the gift bags. I refused to pay attention to the fact that the gift bag had something gross in it, so I focused on the positive gift that Gretchen gave out, which was Gretchen Christine lip gloss. (FYI, not sure of the exact color, but the lip gloss was a nude beige and everyone should have it!)

Plain and simple, Tamra is trying to label me as stupid. It suits her agenda and boosts her ego. She needs to stop trying so hard to inflate herself by putting down others. I'm wearing the target this season, but last season it was Gretchen, season before that it was Vicki. I guess it's my turn in the rotation! There is definitely a pattern here. For someone who claims to have so much positivity in her life, she sure spends a lot of time trying to hurt others.

Then, of course it wouldn't be a Housewife party without some sort of argument, right? Ricky calls Gretchen out about the Improv, and let me just say that things don't get much better as the night goes on! Next week is going to be a rough one, so put your seatbelts on!

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Hope you all have a wonderful week,