Alexis Bellino

Alexis discusses her career -- and Gretchen's critique of it -- as well as Heather and Tamra's comments.

on Apr 25, 2012

Vicki shocked me by flying to Vegas and supporting Gretchen! Good job Vicki to put the past behind you and try to move forward. I think it's awesome and shows again how happy Vicki is. Although it's hilarious that she is expecting an apology back from Gretchen! Vicki is a character! She always keeps you chuckling.

I was seriously falling out of my chair laughing at my makeup in Vegas! Oh holy moly! First let me just start by saying that my usual Vegas makeup artist, Rain, was out of town, so I had to hire someone else. I didn't mention my bruises to her when I spoke to her over the phone, and I truly think that when she walked in the room and saw my bruises under my eyes, she freaked out a little. That makeup artist was so sweet and was trying so hard, but bless her heart, by the third layer of foundation I knew we had a serious problem! Honestly if I had gone out for the evening with no makeup on and full bruises exposed, I would have gotten a lesser reaction than with the three-layer fudge look. I simply could not bring myself to hurting her feelings, and I knew the quicker I got her out of the room, the faster I could wipe off and start over! Jim and I still laugh so hard about that night!