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Clams Casino

Episode 18:'s Editor ponders love amongst the mollusks.

Hello lovers. Do you feel the butterflies of love in your belly? Or is that just the after effects of the clams you ate? Let's recap this very romantic episode, shall we?

The Tooth Hurts
We open with a bit of a realistic relationship woe -- what if you love someone that has horrific teeth? Vicki is doing her best to deal with that conundrum by setting Brooks up with a new set of chompers. Vicki doesn't want people to think Brooks is taking advantage of her -- she knows exactly what she's doing, and that's putting Humpty Dumpty back together again.

And that plan to return the egg to its splendor worked. Brooks looks amazing with his new teeth!

The Show Goes On
Alexis is back from Costa Rica and back on her grind. Despite all the hullabaloo, the news waits for no one. And thus she must once again drive the bus of journalism into new locales. This time on location for some sexy swimsuits.

After all the stress of if she wanted to have her career and if she was fully prepared for on-air, she did amazing. Alexis is getting better and better as her news career continues. Watch out Katie Keurig! The Marriage Plot
Gretchen is a lady of many talents -- cosmetics, singing, handbag designing -- and now we can add sleuthing to her Rolodex. Yes, after finding a suspicious text she's wondering if he's actually proposing to her -- despite her protests against the idea.

And so Gretchen confronts Slade about the text. She's upset that he's talking with everyone about the rest of their life together. Things get emotional pretty swiftly, even though he hasn't actually asked her anything yet. . .

Slade is doing his best to clear things up and all he wants to do is tell Gretchen that he loves her. Can't he just tell her that he loves her?!?

Edible Diamonds
While some ladies were pondering diamonds (or diamond grills), the lover of all things bling also had gems on the brain -- the edible kind. Heather has decided to throw a shindig in honor of her Dubrow-name change. She's going to have a chic affair with all of the ladies and a cake -- a super serious, structured cake adorned with edible diamonds!

One would expect no less. I do wonder if this was a missed opportunity to have a cake in the shape of a champ flute. . . I don't want to spoil what's coming but this cake is going to be a major point of contention, so eyes on that icing people.

Bora! Bora! Bora!
Well obviously I saved the best for last. . .Eddie is amped to take his fresh-from-Costa-Rica lady out to dinner. But before Tamra can even unpack, Eddie has plans to whisk her off on another trip -- to the most romantic, exotic, delightful place she can imagine: Bora Bora! The whole restaurant was overwhelmed at the thought.

Of course, this brings up a question: why exactly is he taking her to Tahiti? Might he be proposing? Or does he just love secluded huts? She decides to keep their rendezvous a secret from her fellow 'Wives, lest he not actually ask.

And so the trip begins, with Tamra wondering at every turn when he might ask. Will it be on the plane? At the baggage carousel? In the airport shuttle? Is the diamond tucked in her coconut bra? Will he sneak the ring into her dinner?

Er, maybe not at dinner. . .

In the end, it was so sweet. I'll just let it stand on it's own. Clams!

As a long-time O.C. fan, it's so amazing to see the journey Tamra has taken and see that she's found someone who loves her so deeply and genuinely wants to be a part of her life. She realizes she's deserving of great things and dammit she's getting them. Mazel guys! You are surely about to embark on a really fun life together.

Next week we come to the (almost) end. The dramatic two-part finale begins and, like all Housewives parties, the affair gets a little out of hand.

What did you think of the proposal? Was it as romantic as you imagined? Were you shocked?

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Lizzie: Tamra Doesn't Fight Fair

Lizzie thinks Tamra's comments about her children were meant to deflect from her own problems.

Happy Labor Day!!! I am going to make this blog short and sweet. It’s a holiday and I am going to be spending the day with family in Newport wearing a Sun Kitten and a smile. I hope you all are having a great holiday weekend.

To be honest, the second half of the Reunion was hard to watch. I think it got too ugly. I am not going to insult any of your intelligence in explaining this episode. We all know that misery loves company, and "projection" is as easy to spot as a $2 dollar bill. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that everything miserable that comes out of Tamra's mouth is a direct reflection of what is going on in her life. In my opinion, children are off limits. It's quite apparent that Tamra does not fight fair and when all else fails she will throw your kids, marriage, and even your body under the bus in an attempt to hurt you. We filmed the reunion for over 10 hours and after listening to so much ugliness my heart just couldn't take it anymore.

I do not regret telling Shannon all the things that Tamra said about her. Everything I shared with Shannon was something that happened and was said on camera. I didn't take anything and create unnecessary drama. I would do it again in a heartbeat and I would think my friends would do the same for me. I simply did not know the truth about Tamra. Danielle told me all the things Tamra said about me. That is why after my birthday I was so hurt by her. It's hard for viewers to understand because these things weren't in the show. She could have called me and said she wasn't coming. I called her after sitting on the bus for over an hour. The next day she made fun of me to Danielle, in addition to asking plenty of questions looking for negative details regarding my party.

On that one-year free membership to Cut Fitness: Let's delve into this shall we? I was the one that contacted Tamra days after my party. She did not contact me to give me present. I had invited Tamra, Eddie, Danielle, Joe, Heather, and Terry to the Kentucky Derby and Tamra was the only person that had not sent in the RSVP. It was past the deadline and it was getting borderline rude at this point. Tamra, in fact, was making fun of the Kentucky Derby and the charity event that would be hosting us to Danielle. So, I reached out to Tamra regarding the Kentucky Derby and she texted me back saying, "I want to give you a free membership to CUT for your birthday." Tamra knows I am already a member to a sports club and that was the last I heard of this "free membership." I never received any kind of certificate or card for membership. I suppose she thought I would have the gall to show up and say, "I got a text message from Tamra for a free membership!" It's almost laughable. Needless to say, I don't go to her gym and she didn't attend the Kentucky Derby with me.

There is nothing else to say regarding the Shag, Marry, Kill game that I haven't already discussed in great length in any of my previous blogs. I said the word "marry" and that's that. Tamra even glared at me on the way out of the Valentine's Party and repeated it. "Marry you?" Tamra has said multiple times she couldn't even remember because she drank too much and there are even text messages where she says it too. Her story changes continually, like the words that come out both sides of her mouth.

During the Reunion, Tamra said many more hurtful things that you didn't see. She went on to talk about my son Preston and my marriage. We all remember the episode in the park where Preston hit me on the head with his elephant. He was asleep in the car and he had a mini temper tantrum. He was three -- it happens. I would assume most mothers have had it happen at some point. In addition, my husband and I got in a fight on my birthday. I feel awful about it, yet it made us closer. I just wanted what every woman wants -- to feel special because of her man. I am a big time believer in learning from your mistakes and that won't ever happen again. However none of those incidents had anything to do with Tamra. But on her quest to hurt everyone, she managed to drag in some irrelevant topics. I know it's all to deflect from what's going on in her life and to make someone else look bad. . .but it does hurt nonetheless. My babies and my marriage are my life so I guess her goal was to attack the things closest to my heart because she can't fight fair.

I hope you enjoyed this season and I hope you had a fabulous summer!!! The fall is my absolute favorite time of year, so I say bring on football and cooler weather.

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