Gretchen Rossi

Gretchen discusses her and Slade's comedy debut and what it means for the group.

on Feb 29, 2012

Wow this was an intense episode for many reasons, but especially between Slade and I.

We start with Vicki and Tamra in the kitchen, which was a hilarious scene to me. Vicki was so funny making fun of Tamra and I talking 12 times a day, going shopping, etc. Vicki said to Tamra she is so happy her and I are friends, but was it just me or were you not believing her for one second? LOL. I love how Tamra kept calling Vicki out about being full of it when it came to loving Alexis all of a sudden. Vicki has never really been a huge fan of myself or Alexis, so it was obvious she was just saying those things in spite to Tamra.

Heather was not afraid to assert her voice when she meet with Alexis, which makes me understand a little bit better why there started to be a little rift between these two. I felt like I was watching two peacocks fluff their feathers to see who had the bigger ones.

I completely get where Tamra was coming from when she was talking with Eddie about her life and moving in together. I have encouraged Tamra all season to be her own woman and do something for herself before she jumps back into something. I know how difficult it has been for her, but I'm proud of her for stepping back for a minute and listening to her own self for once and deciding that she doesn't want a man to take care of her. Being financially sound as a woman is the best advice I could give anyone. I was a very successful business woman right out of college, then when I meet Jeff I walked away from it to be with him. It all seemed perfect until he got sick. I became his full time care taker and could not work. When I lost him, it was the scariest position to be in. I promised myself I would never allow myself to be in that position again, and thus that's the reason you see me working so hard and determined to be settled with my own stuff before I take the next step of marriage again.