Gretchen Rossi

Gretchen discusses her and Slade's comedy debut and what it means for the group.

on Feb 29, 2012

Slade's mom is a hoot, however I don't think you get the full picture of how supportive his Mom really was and is of Slade. When I saw the footage of her saying "Nooooooooo" to Slade asking me to marry him, I called her right away and questioned why she said that. She said that Slade had promised me and my parents that he would have his stuff worked out before we got married, which I understand. Then I said, "But we could always have a very long engagement. . .right?" LOL. She agreed with me.

Watching Vicki talking with Brianna was endearing. Brianna is such a good kid and full of insight, and Vicki certainly is a proud parent. Brianna is brutally honesty with her mom about some things she recognizes about her patterns, which I think is good insight.
With that said, I always have such a difficult time monitoring my emotions when it comes to Vicki and her situations. Of course, my heart hurts when I watch a parent get so sad over the thought of their child being sick, especially with cancer, however it ignited my emotions when I watched the two of them discuss Brianna's condition.

I find it frustrating to watch how much Vicki freaks out about even the word "cancer" when it comes to her own child, yet seems to lack the same empathy and compassion when it come to others who have cancer stricken loved ones, in particular Slade and I. When Vicki is saying how difficult it is to think about them cutting open Brainna's neck and possibly finding cancer (which I can completely understand) I wonder if in that moment she even considers how hard that has been on Slade who's son actually has cancer and has had his head cut open 10 different times for major surgery.

Unfortunately, her actions are constantly proving to me that somehow she always believes her situation is more important than anyone else's. The crazy part is that even despite the harsh and incorrect things said about Slade not being a good dad or a "deadbeat" (as she liked to put it at times), I still find compassion for her and would not wish what Slade or I have been through on my worst enemy. I wish when she was making such horrible statements she could put herself in Slade's shoes and think about the fact that it's already scary and hard enough to deal with your child being sick, let alone having someone claim you are a bad or deadbeat parent on top of that pain. It's moments like this that make me realize why Slade has so much hurt and pain still. Remember, I am explaining my frustrations and emotions because this exact hypocrisy may lead to things later on. . .