Gretchen Rossi

Gretchen discusses her and Slade's comedy debut and what it means for the group.

on Feb 29, 2012

Heather and Terry were very positive about our performance, not only that night, but many times after that, stating "No, I'm serious guys, you were really really good." So I was a little surprised and disappointed to hear Heather only give us a three and a four, since in person she always made us feel like we were at least a 7. LOL.

Well needless to say this Improv show leads to a lot of ruckass in the group. . .and guess what? You guys are just going to have to watch and see what happens!!

Thanks again for all the support and love every week on my personal website, Facebook, and Twitter. I read all your messages and try to respond as best I can!

'Till next week
Gretchen Christine