Gretchen Rossi

Gretchen explains how she's staying positive and catches you up on her endeavors.

on Jun 22, 2012

He has a segment called "Life Lessons with Liz" (who is his amazingly brutal and hilarious mom) and even Terry Dubrow is going to be a regular guest talking about the good, bad, and ugly of plastic surgery. This show is the opportunity for everyone to get to see a different side to Slade, one I know you all haven't ever seen before. It's the Slade I know and wake up with everyday. It's the hilarious, smart, loving, caring, business oriented, real parent, extremely full of information all the time about anything and everything Slade that I feel in love with.

The best news is that last week there were so many listeners that streamed his show live on that it actually shut the servers down! Go Slade! I have always believed in him, and that is why I have stuck by his side through the good and bad for the last three years. It has been hard at times as you all have seen us be authentic, but I knew something big was going to happen for him and it finally has! Congratulations baby! Be sure to tune into Radio Slade weekdays or follow him on Twitter (@sladesmiley) to find out which guest he is going to have on every day! Or better yet, call in and talk to him!

Since I keep getting a lot of questions about it, I wanted to give you an update on my Pink Travel Collection. The samples are in and they are just to die for! Currently we have only five custom, high-end handbags available right now for sale and if you are interested in one of these extremely limited edition, gorgeous, all leather croc, embossed pink satchels please email me at and I can let you know how to get one of these very custom bags.

The more affordable pink satchels will be available in the next 3-4 weeks as well as all the other pieces in the pink travel set.
I have been super hard at work for the last three years building my brand and my companies. As difficult as it can be at times, it has been so worth it and beyond rewarding as I start to see the fruits of my labor reap great success!

As you saw a little bit of this season music and writing is my favorite past time! It relaxes me and gives me a way to express my emotions about the things I have experienced or gone through in my life. No I'm not trying to be Britney Spears, but I am enjoying exploring this space and getting to express myself in ways I haven't before. My new single "Unbreakable" made its world premiere on Ryan Seacrest this morning June 22! You can continue to hear it at here then it will be available June 26th on iTunes for download!