Gretchen Rossi

Gretchen defends her right to have an opinion and discusses Slade (and her) breaking point.

on Mar 12, 2012

I was really surprised to see Tamra stay so far removed from it all, and then see her actually come to my defense. All these little things are what continued to help build a stronger friendship between her and I, because I saw her following through with what she said she was going to do. She said she wasn't going to listen to the chatter anymore and she was going to come straight to me. She showed good faith by doing it with the phone call she made earlier and then again at the Bunko party. This is all part of the reason her and I began to get closer and closer, because the trust was being rebuilt, all the while the trust with others began to crack as you will see in next week's episode. I believe this was the night the whole dynamic of the group changed.

When Vicki said to me "Does Slade think it’s nice to be mean to people?”" I almost lost it! If that wasn't calling the kettle black, I don't know what is, but I regained my composure and said "You know what, you need to take this up with Slade." I really, really, really was trying to stay out of it and not be in the middle and let Slade fight his own battle, but as you can see from the previews of next week I just couldn't do it anymore. I got pushed to my breaking point. I think this next episode has been three years in the making of me finally breaking. Pull out the popcorn this is going to be good! LOL!

Love talking to you all every week on Facebook , Twitter and my personal website, Thanks for all the amazing support and sweet messages every week, it means the world to me.

Till next week

xoxox Gretchen Christine