Gretchen Rossi

Gretchen is still in shock over Vicki's promise of an apology.

on Apr 17, 2012

Hi Guys!

Well this week was all about "glamping" and it looked like a blast! I was so bummed I didn't get to go on this trip because, believe it or not, I grew up camping! I went to the desert and rode dirt bikes every single weekend and camped in a motor-home or a tent! So this would have been right up my alley!

I also really wanted to go to support Alexis and the trip she had planned but it was three days prior to my performance and I knew I would just be talking the whole time (which is exactly what the doctor ordered me not to do). I could feel tension between Alexis and I brewing ever since I decided to make amends with Tamra and I really wanted an opportunity to talk with her and try and figure out why. I'm sad we never got that chance.

I was disappointed to hear Vicki blame her ill feelings towards Alexis on Tamra. Vicki knows full well she has never been a fan of Alexis and had talked plenty of crap on her. Actually if you remember Tamra and Alexis were friends when they first meet, but Vicki had nothing but mean and judgmental things to say about her (and Jim) and was always in Tamra's ear. Maybe it was the other way around and Vicki rubbed off on Tamra. I didn't exactly hear Vicki defending her new friend Alexis when Tamra referenced her as dumb in the kitchen. Either way if Alexis and Vicki want to make amends I think that is great, I just hope it is for the right reasons.

It's hard to see Heather and Alexis still butting heads. I was hoping this trip might help a little with the tension, but I guess I am not surprised. Heather is just a matter of fact girl and calls it like she sees it. She doesn't really allow you to get away with anything on her watch! But I actually like it when she does it to me, because I like people that just give it to me straight -- even if I don't like what they are saying sometimes. I know she means well, but I can see how the delivery seems strong if you don't know her that well.