Gretchen Rossi

Gretchen Rossi vents after Alexis calls their friendship into question.

on Apr 26, 2012


Sorry in advance cause my emotions are flowing and I can tell this blog is going to be long! I have a lot I want to address from this episode and am not sure if a blog is the best place, but I’m going to just put it all out there.

It’s important that I address one recurring question right out the door: people keep asking why we all have harsh things to say about one another all the time on the show, and I completely agree because I know it is draining on all of us ladies. However please remember this show is about having an opinion about the others -- good, bad, or ugly. We might all deliver that information differently but at the end of the day, if we choose to be a part of this show we have to have an opinion.

OK, so forgive me in advance for this long rant, but since a lot of you have asked questions about this situation with Alexis I will address all the questions here. First off, no matter what, I am sorry that I hurt Alexis’ feelings because that was never my intention. I will explain my true intentions here. First of all I must say I think Alexis is beyond super sensitive to anything I say or do anymore because of my newfound friendship with Tamra. She claims in this episode that before I was friends with Tamra I would have been a lot more supportive of her, but the truth is Alexis’ own insecurities have caused her to change her thoughts towards me. Before I was friends with Tamra, Alexis wouldn’t have ever questioned my intentions with these kinds of things or be so sensitive. I am confident that I have remained the same person because my past record proves that I have always been honest and straightforward with her and all my friends, even if they won't like what I have to say. It’s just who I am. I refuse to be fake.  

Alexis, on the other hand, clearly states this episode that she would have never told me about it if she got offered the job and if they kept calling her. Well this is the main difference between Alexis and me, and why I have pulled away from her. I am not the kind of friend that sugarcoats stuff or is not honest with you. Friends should be able to tell each other anything. As this season unfolds, you will start to see her take heat for being fake and phony and not telling the truth even when necessary at times. If most of us are experiencing this same thing when dealing with Alexis, can we all be wrong? Isn’t that exactly what Alexis said to Vicki when we all addressed Vicki at lunch in San Francisco a few years back?