Gretchen Rossi

Gretchen Rossi vents after Alexis calls their friendship into question.

on Apr 26, 2012

When Alexis claims she felt like it was hard for me to be happy for her, that really hurt me. I am not and will never be that kind of friend, and thus the reason you see me start to distance myself from her. I am afraid she is becoming delusional and insecure about something that simply is not the case. Does she really think she is that great that now I am suddenly jealous or not happy for any potential success? Wow. If so, she thinks very highly of herself. She continually is questioning me, challenging me, and having unnecessary competition with me and that I will not do with so-called friends. Did she forget I had already passed on doing the gig… no competition here. 

If you notice when Alexis asked me for advice I gave her some positive points and then some advice about maybe getting a hosting coach so she could get better at her new venture. If I was really not that happy for her, or not a good friend, then why would I suggest that to her? I would have just taken her job and not offered sound advice. I obviously was giving her pointers I had learned from my three years of experience booking gigs and my own personal hosting classes. If she wanted me to lie and tell her she was perfect then she shouldn’t have asked me for advice because I’m not fake like that. 

Now on to other things. I’m so grateful all the girls came to Vegas to support my performance. It meant a lot to me! For a moment, it was a nice change of words to hear Vicki say to my face that she was proud of me for something and not tearing me down for once. Unfortunately it wasn’t authentic because as we see she was still trashing me in her interviews regarding my work ethic, or what I choose to do in my life, so maybe she was only doing it because everyone else was being so supportive in that moment. She even admitted her true intentions by saying, “Be nice -- it confuses them,” which to me just goes to prove that she is very two-faced and is willing to say whatever helps her in that moment. Sad because I just wish it was real with her. I want to like her and get along with her but she makes it so difficult sometimes. Either way, seeing all the girls getting along and having fun is always a nice change of pace.