Gretchen Rossi

Gretchen Rossi vents after Alexis calls their friendship into question.

on Apr 26, 2012

Tamra having concerns about Brooks is simply being a concerned and good friend. Tamra is like me in the sense that we are not fake. Our delivery might be way different, but we tell it like it is. Vicki unfortunately is once again being a hypocrite in this situation. She is angry with Tamra about voicing concerns regarding Brooks and some red flags she sees, all the while Vicki was very vocal in her opinions in regards to Simon and what he was doing to Tamra. Why is it always OK for Vicki but never for anyone else?  Tamra cares enough to be honest and real and I value that in a friend.

I love how supportive Terry is of Heather and her career choices. I am so happy for Heather and her decision to get back to doing what she loves! We all should do that! Slade is the same exact way with me, and I am so fortunate to have such a supportive partner and love in my life.  

Most importantly I would like you all to remember to go after your dreams no matter how big or small! Life is too short! Don’t let fear, the bullies in life, or excuses get in the way! Just decide to just go for it! If I allowed all the bullies to keep me from my goals and dreams I wouldn’t be where I am today! 

I continue to add new products to my site for all the wonderful customers that keep asking for more from my Collections! I enjoy so much talking with each of you every week on Facebook and Twitter and adore and appreciate the fans more than you guys know! 

Pussycat Dolls performance next week! I’m scared, but excited! Be sure to tune it to find out what happens! Here's a sneak peek