Gretchen Rossi

Gretchen wonders why her friendship with Alexis is questioned and thanks the fans for their support.

on Apr 11, 2012

Hi Guys!

Sorry I have been MIA for a couple of weeks, things have been just so crazy lately and I have been traveling a lot for work. However I do receive and read all your messages every week through social media and my personal website so thank you for the support and love you continue to show me every week!

I will recap how I feel about some things from the last couple of episodes here:

So grateful Briana does not have cancer! It's one of the worst things as a parent to learn about your child. God knows Slade knows that all too well. Unfortunately seeing this footage reminds me all too well what a hypocrite Vicki is -- again. She was so quick to judge me and say, "Why am I choosing to be on a show when I have someone that is sick in my life?" Yet, once again, when the tables are turned it's OK for her. I just don't get her consistent hypocrisy. Even more so, I just don't get how she can never see it herself. I would never wish what Slade and I have been dealt on any one. However as a human, I do find it difficult in these moments to find empathy for people like Vicki who have been so mean and vile to me when I was going through the worst time in my life when I was losing Jeff. She always expects everyone to stop and feel bad for her, but she has never once shown empathy towards Slade or my situations, only judgment and false accusations. However my parents taught me differently, so I will not treat her the way she treated me back then.

I think taking a helicopter to L.A. was fabulous and very "Fancy Pants" of Heather! She did not let me down! I think it's great that Heather wants to start a business with her friends, but I also know from experience that it can be very challenging. It can sometimes ruin friendships, so you have to weigh If that is worth it. I do however hate how Vicki is always so quick to put down everyone's ideas and never is empowering to other women. Why is that? She has talked poorly about so many of our business ventures; for instance mine, Lynn, Alexis, Jeana (as a realtor), and now Heather. I just find that so discouraging. I believe in lifting woman up and empowering them. You can educate and give advice without being demeaning. Vicki saying "these women just want a place to hang out so they can spend their husband's money" was not nice and unnecessary.

Obviously plastic surgery is very serious and not something to take lightly, because as you can see from Alexis' surgery there are a lot of negative side effects and pain. I am sooo glad I never decided to get my nose done, sinus issues or not. It just does not look fun! I sincerely did not think Alexis needed to get her nose done. I think she looked beautiful before and the bump gave her some personality. I even thought I had convinced her not to do it last summer!