Gretchen Rossi

Gretchen wonders why her friendship with Alexis is questioned and thanks the fans for their support.

on Apr 11, 2012

Now for the record and for all those who keep wondering why I didn't come see Alexis right away, it's because when I called I was told she was not up for it yet! I am a little bothered that, even after Alexis and I discussed this issue, she continues to act like she is all butt-hurt about it. It makes me wonder why she is playing that card, when it we have already discussed exactly what happened those first few days. This continues to be a reoccurring theme with her this season and the reason for some issues between us. So here is exactly how it went down: Alexis went into surgery Monday, and she did not want company that day, as I had asked her before her surgery if she would be up for it and she said probably not until a couple days afterwards. Then I called the day after her surgery (Tuesday) and spoke with Jim because she wasn't doing well. I asked if I could come over, and he said she was not up to it yet. Then Wednesday I already had prior work appointments all day (because I wasn't just sitting around waiting to get a phone call as to when I could come over to see her). So finally on Thursday is when I was "allowed" and when my schedule allowed me to come over.

I am not sure why the hell I even have to explain this one, but I guess I do because I am annoyed that I keep getting challenged as to if I am a good enough friend or not do to this. Last time I checked, I didn't see anyone else show up to visit either Tamra or Alexis after their surgeries (bearing gifts mind you). Remind me, how is that being a bad friend again? And even more so, does it matter what day it is? Shouldn't it be the thought and effort that counts? Since when does your level of friendship get judged on this kind of scale? I feel like this kind of behavior and cattiness is very childish and high school drama like. As you will see, I just don't want friends like that anymore in my life. A true friend would just know where my heart is. If they constantly challenge it, after a while you get over it. I have very close girlfriends from high school and college who I'm lucky if I see once every six months, and the quality of our friendship has never wavered, nor have they ever challenged that friendship.

The mud run was a blast and it was a great and different idea from Tamra! I was super bummed that I could not finish, because I just love things like that! I grew up riding dirt bikes and being a tomboy so that was right up my alley! Slade was such a sweet guy to carry me across the finish line and stay behind to take care of me, he always says to me "never leave your wing man." I love that man!