Gretchen Rossi

Gretchen wonders why her friendship with Alexis is questioned and thanks the fans for their support.

on Apr 11, 2012

Now to this week's episode:

Heather saying it's never good for a friendship to talk about one's mate seems absolutely true! However how does one let a friend know if they have concerns about the person they are dating without hurting their feelings? What responsibility do we have as friends to point out some red flags? I have loving wonderful friends that have done that for me in the past, and I am grateful they did. I think it's all in the delivery.

When I see Brooks eating with Vicki it made me extremely weary watching him ask Vicki about all her assets and what she is walking away with. Something just seemed off to me about that. Again, was it in the delivery? I really like Brooks and he has been nothing but sweet to me, but I have to agree with Tamra that something is just a little too perfect with everything he says and does. I've had those kinds of people come in my life when I was the most vulnerable, and it is scary how someone can take advantage of you when you are in a weak place. It concerned me with Brooks and later on this season you will see me address my concerns face-to-face. . .

Speaking of Brooks and Vicki I would not be human if I didn't point out how unbelievable it was to me that Vicki said "Brooks is a consultant and can make his own hours." Isn't that exactly how I explained what Slade's job was? Once again how is it OK when it's Brooks but, when it's Slade he is a dead-beat and needs to get a job? And for the record Slade does have a flipping job for the nine hundred millionth time! So please ladies stop making false statements about that. For goodness sakes, I guess we have to show them his paystubs every month for them to believe it!

Alexis doing her segment for Fox Five as super hard to watch. Yikes! I was actually a little uncomfortable for her and wanted her to be doing better, but I also know how nerve-racking it can be to do anything new. I actually came over and watched some of the segment with her and gave her the advice to go to a hosting coach to help craft that skill better. Live TV is hard no matter what way you slice it! You have to give her kudos for just going for it! However leave it to Alexis to make me laugh out loud when she said she "I'm using both brains." I didn't even know we had two brains.