Gretchen Rossi

Gretchen wonders why her friendship with Alexis is questioned and thanks the fans for their support.

on Apr 11, 2012

Slade is an extremely courteous man and always has been with every single woman in my immediate life. All my very close friends adore him and constantly rave to me how lucky I am to have such a great guy. My mom and my grandma adore him as well, so how bad can he actually be if all the people in my life say he is a keeper? These women seem to be the only women that have something bad to say about him -- not to mention that I get a lot of people questioning me. But what I find so funny about it is that they always preface it with "you are such a smart intelligent woman." If you really believe that then you know I wouldn't be with a man unless he treated me right and was good to me. Finances are not the key to happiness. Being in love with your best friend and having a partner that supports, adores, and loves you like you have never been loved before is what is most important. I appreciate that you guys think you know what is best for me, but you actually don't and you certainly don't get to see the full story in the short five minutes you see of Slade every week. So please stop trying to convince me that he is not right for me, because it will not work and you are wasting your breath! It's been three years and it hasn't worked yet. If you haven't noticed I am deathly loyal and will have someone's back to the death if they deserve it.

Again, a lot of you keep telling me in these posts below that I am "smart and intelligent," so remember that when you continue to see the decisions I make about everyone in this group throughout this season. You might not see all the reasons behind my decisions and wonder why at times, but know that I am smart and intelligent and can see through the BS. I am sure by the end of this season most of you will too.

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Gretchen Christine