Gretchen Rossi

Gretchen shares why she decided to make up with Tamra and her thoughts on Vicki's party.

on Feb 15, 2012

Vicki's party was beautiful. When I saw her she looked happy and I was so happy for her! I also thought it was a cute idea to celebrate her new love by bringing his kind of food to Southern California. We were all having a good time and being silly about the way the food was being presented to us, and just for the record none of us were angels here! Obviously I am a goofball and had a lot of very strong opinions about the food, so of course you saw plenty of my statements and flamboyant facial expressions. No matter what, I can see now how that could of come off offensive to Vicki and I apologize for that. It was truly not done to be rude. We were all just having true authentic reactions to the food and especially how it was being presented. However, the Scorpio in me cannot help but notice the irony in Vicki's snide remarks of how disrespectful we were to her as the host. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't having a themed-out "Southern Celebration in honor of my new love" party a tad bit disrespectful to the man you were married too for 16 years who is still technically living there with you? I am not quite sure she should be judging our etiquette at her party when it probably would have been proper etiquette (not to mention a lot more respectful to Donn) to have this "celebration of her new love" party at a different location. Listen I actually like Vicki, however her actions sometimes make me wonder if possibly Vicki is just reading a different version of the an etiquette book -- one that states you should hold the way you treat your dinner host in higher regard then the way you treat your husband of 16 years.

Now remember this about my raw point of view at the time we were filming. This doesn't always mean we still carry those same feelings as of today. So by explaining at this point in time that I was constantly feeling like the rules only apply to everyone else but herself, it will start to shed light on why I might finally have enough in the upcoming episodes.

Obviously the tension between Alexis and Peggy made for some uncomfortable moments that evening however I do believe I stated how I felt about that situation pretty clearly in this episode.