Gretchen Rossi

Gretchen ponders how friendship changes and answers your questions about this season.

on Jun 27, 2012

As you can see if caused me to get very emotional because I had been wanting that validation for some time now. Many of you keep bringing up all the things she did to me and Slade and I want you all to know that I am very aware of those things and those things left huge marks in my heart at the time. And even though they can’t be erased, they can be fixed and forgiven, and I believe this season has been the start of that. Tamra is in a much better place in her life, which has allowed her to really get to know Slade and I from a different point of view and she has taken many steps to repair the damage her actions might have caused us before. I appreciate that about her and value the friendship we have developed. I might not always agree with her delivery of things and I give her a hard time about some of the things she says, however what I like about her is that at least I always know where I stand with her. There is no guessing or trying to figure it out. She just gives it to me straight even if I don't like it, and I like that in a friend because that is exactly how I am!

I am so happy for her and Eddie! Now all the rumors of me begging for an engagement ring and not being happy for Tamra can be put to rest, because as you see the season unfold you see that is the furthest thing from the truth. I did not even want to be married or engaged at that time. I am happy she is finally in a happy relationship and happy and confident in herself! I have always wanted that for her despite our past! I think every woman deserves that!

Next question is what’s my status with Vicki and how do I deal with someone that is such a hypocrite. Vicki and I don't talk on a regular basis; we are just not that kind of friends. I unfortunately lost a lot of respect for her this season because of so many different things, but again I don't wish her ill. Slade, myself, her and Brooks went to dinner and she apologized to Slade for all the things she said about him. I am very happy she did that. Bottom line with her is that I see she is happy with Brooks and that is all that should matter. However as a woman who has been taken advantage of by a man before, I will definitely be protective and concerned about a man who seems to be raising everyone's red flags, including her own children.