Heather Dubrow

Heather reflects on the Costa Rica trip and Tamra's engagement, and teases her name-changing party.

on Jun 14, 2012

THE CAKE!!! I am so excited for my name changing party! I know this may seem silly, but I'm someone who celebrates life. I love holidays and parties and spending time with my family and friends. This is the PERFECT occasion! So I wanted a fabulous cake to symbolize my new last name.

Timore always has the best ideas,, and Cinderella Cakes make the most beautiful and delicious cakes (BTW, I paid for the cake. This isn't an ad for them; it's just the truth!) I loved the idea of edible diamonds! I was SO excited when I left the shop.

Who knew an innocent trip to the fabulous Cinderella Cakes would start something so big! Wait until you see what happens to the cake! The final two episodes take place in our home. It's going to get crazy -- and some of it is shocking ! Stay tuned!

Finally, I want to say a big HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all the dads, uncles, and grandpas out there -- especially to my amazing husband Terry. I love you Honyi! Thank you for being a wonderful father to our four amazing children!

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