Heather Dubrow

Heather shares her feelings on Sarah and her name-changing party.

on Jun 22, 2012

I am happy to say I am soaking in the sun in beautiful Cabo San Lucas with my family! I'm so glad that school is over and we are enjoying this amazing kick off to the summer! We are swimming, playing charades, running on the beach, drinking virgin piƱa coladas (kids), fabulous champs (me!), savoring the third Hunger Games book (obsessed), and well, yes, Tweeting. I have to admit, I'm not that technologically adept. I went from the rotary dial to the iPhone. For some reason though, I love Twitter. It's like mass texting. So fun and immediate. Thank you for all of the amazing feedback! I love all of your comments -- keep them coming!

Well, this episode required a little "digestion". . .I'm now ready to discuss.

I was so excited to finally see Tamra and give her a proper congratulations on her engagement! Tammy Sue is getting married! I couldn't be more thrilled. The pictures of Bora Bora were spectacular! I would love to go there someday! (Hint, hint Terry!!!) I know that Gretchen was really excited for Tamra, too. We were all sad that Vicki was not there to join the celebration. Tamra and Vicki have been friends for so long, Tamra's relationship with Gretchen shouldn't preclude them from continuing their friendship.

Dinner with Alexis and Sarah: For the record, no one is mistaking kindness for being phony. That's ridiculous. Contrary to Sarah's opinion (for whatever that is worth) I'm not jealous of Alexis.

Although I do get Botox, my face is not frozen. I happen to like my children to know when I am angry.