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Bow No She Didn't

Heather shares her feelings on Sarah and her name-changing party.

I am happy to say I am soaking in the sun in beautiful Cabo San Lucas with my family! I'm so glad that school is over and we are enjoying this amazing kick off to the summer! We are swimming, playing charades, running on the beach, drinking virgin piña coladas (kids), fabulous champs (me!), savoring the third Hunger Games book (obsessed), and well, yes, Tweeting. I have to admit, I'm not that technologically adept. I went from the rotary dial to the iPhone. For some reason though, I love Twitter. It's like mass texting. So fun and immediate. Thank you for all of the amazing feedback! I love all of your comments -- keep them coming!

Well, this episode required a little "digestion". . .I'm now ready to discuss.

I was so excited to finally see Tamra and give her a proper congratulations on her engagement! Tammy Sue is getting married! I couldn't be more thrilled. The pictures of Bora Bora were spectacular! I would love to go there someday! (Hint, hint Terry!!!) I know that Gretchen was really excited for Tamra, too. We were all sad that Vicki was not there to join the celebration. Tamra and Vicki have been friends for so long, Tamra's relationship with Gretchen shouldn't preclude them from continuing their friendship.

Dinner with Alexis and Sarah: For the record, no one is mistaking kindness for being phony. That's ridiculous. Contrary to Sarah's opinion (for whatever that is worth) I'm not jealous of Alexis.

Although I do get Botox, my face is not frozen. I happen to like my children to know when I am angry.

Is it not comical that Sarah is saying this while sitting across from her girlfriend who has had more procedures at age 35 than anyone I know? I have never discussed Alexis' appearance or procedures. Its her body and her business.

Interesting that Alexis sits there at dinner, so righteously indignant about her treatment in Costa Rica, but she is perfectly comfortable having a Heather bashing session. Apparently, behind the back is acceptable. BTW, Alexis I've always admitted to having Botox and fillers. There is nothing about me that is "top secret." So, you are slamming me behind my back AGAIN. Also, we worked things out in Costa Rica and agreed to make a fresh start, however Alexis is perpetuating it by riling up Sarah. Alexis could have told her that I went to her room the next day to check on her and make sure she was OK. I didn't see anyone else in the group doing that. There was A LOT more to the dinner discussion than just being phony.

Notice it was Alexis that invited Sarah to my party. Drunk, rude, uninvited, fraudulent, itching for attention, Sarah.

Finally, Alexis, lambasted me for changing my name at this late juncture. I was a working actress when Terry and I married. I had a company, and my name was part of my brand. We both understood the significance of this. This year was the right time to do it legally (for many reasons). If it doesn't fit into the correct set of rules and regulations you live by -- too bad. Then don't come to my party to celebrate.

PARTY! The flowers were amazing. I LOVE The Square Root! Thanks David -- brilliant as always! My wonderful caterer Brian Dobbin designed the whole look of the furniture outside. It was so sexy and cool.

As Brian can attest there was LOTS of food and it was served from the first moment. I also encouraged people to stop by the kitchen for a heartier plate of food if they wanted more than just heavy appetizers. The diamonds in the champagne were fun! You will have to wait until next week to see who gets the diamond! Sadly, the lipsologist I hired wasn't shown (Editor's note: watch the clip below).


I flew in this incredible gal named Jilly who reads lipstick prints! She was amazing!

The CAKE. . .Well, usually they do such amazing cakes. I have to say, I was a little disappointed. I expected the cake to be bigger. The monogram was a little Sweet Sixteen for my taste. We all know I am little particular. However, it's still a lovely cake and it's what the cake represents that is important to me. (BTW, it was delicious!)

Alexis and Sarah in the car: Sarah is clearly already itching for a fight. She wants to get involved (read: attention). She is starting trouble already. Also, no one is hating. I'm so sick of people who think they are perfect, and can't admit their own faults and issues. If they are called out on anything it's all wrapped up in "people are jealous." Yes, that's it. Everyone is jealous.

Back to the party. . .

Tamra and Eddie arrived first! So glad! They were ready to party! Tamra, Gretchen, and Vicki all brought the loveliest hostess gifts. Not necessary, but truly appreciated!

I was excited to have so many of my close friends that night! Lisa, Donya, Jaye, Sarah C., Dina, Ann, and so many more! This was a special night for Terry and myself.

Listen, you may think it's silly that I am celebrating this event. For me, I am aware that life is short, it's important to appreciate and enjoy every little moment. Terry and I are blessed with an amazing, healthy, fantastic family, and a beautiful life. My kids make fun of me because I cry at every event. So, to me, this a moment I wanted to experience.

Anyway. . .

Alexis walks in with Sarah who already looks impaired. Sarah is EATING the whole time, and she is drinking. Hypoglycemia?!? Oh please. She should do a little more research before diagnosing herself at a doctor's house on national television.To Alexis' credit she is trying to watch Sarah's alcohol intake during the party and encouraging her to drink water. Good luck with that.

Side note: Sarah walked past the ropes in my house, which I find unspeakably rude. I roped the house off so people would stay out of our bedrooms and the kids playroom. This was for the protection of my children. However, no matter what my reasons are, it's my home. You are a guest (albeit uninvited) I would think you would try and be respectful. . .but. . .



So, here we go. . .

Sarah ate the bow off the cake?!? Is she insane? A four year old wouldn't do that! It's tantamount to being at a wedding and defiling the cake before the bride and groom cut the cake!

To add insult to injury, she was completely unapologetic. (A forced apology from Alexis doesn't count.)

There was LOTS of food. Sarah was SHOWN eating. This whole thing is nonsense. I don't believe I am overreacting. Drunk, sloppy, crazy, uninvited Sarah was arguing over something she did on purpose in a cry for attention. When I realized how far gone she was -- I tried to give her an out. I encouraged her to take a break and come back. A time out. I have four children. I know how to handle irrational behavior. That's why it seemed appropriate to offer her an Oreo. It was even a Double Stuff. Should have handled the issue.

Funny how Alexis wants me to let the whole thing go after 90 seconds, but we need to talk about cost rica for the next 5 years.

You would think it would end there and Sarah would slink into the corner, embarrassed over the incident. Well, not exactly. . .

To be continued. . .

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RHOC Reunion GIFs: The Gloves Come Off

See Tamra and Vicki wonder who really is miserable as told by GIFs, and other crazy Reunion moments.

Hey RHOC fans. It's time for Part 2. Are you excited? Are you nervous? Do we need to get out the healing hands? No, you're good.


Then let's get started. 

We begin by debating how Shannon can be so zen and so stressed all the time. There's not really an answer for that, but in order to help her feel more relaxed Andy did put nine oranges in the bowl! It's not lemons, but any citrus will help her calm down. 


The next topic of discussion -- that infamous birthday party of almost one. Lizzie is still not pleased with Tamra's excuse for not coming to her birthday.


 Tamra doesn't know what else Lizzie wants her to say. . .


Well, probably not blood, just an apology.

And I guess the gym membership doesn't hurt. . . 


Lizzie also just wants Tamra to know that the whole "you're too old to have a baby" was just because she thought Tamra had already accomplished so much. Tamra's response -- you don't know anything about me so don't talk.

That goes over well.


Next up, Shannon and David's marriage woes. They're fine now, but the ladies think that maybe Shannon overshared how bad everything was. Heather remembers something Shannon said, but not exactly. Shannon's response: "You can’t sit here and tell me that you remember things about me 'but I don’t remember what they were.'" Heather's response:


After that, it's time to talk about Fancy Pants. The ladies decide to put the plumerias in the past and move on. . .move on to deciding if Tamra stirs the pot. . .


Yup, gird your loins for this one. 

So Vicki asks Tamra to stop talking badly about Brooks. . . 


And Vicki non-chalantly says.  . 


So Tamra calmly responds. . .


At that point, Tamra gets her "Let's go" face on. And Vicki sheds any layers of clothing that could hold her back. . .


Vicki wants to know why if Tamra's so happy "she looks so miserable"? And then she lays it on. . . "You’re supposed to be getting better and better and better, but -- guess what -- you get. . .


Watch the whole thing go down again.

Moving on. . .let's talk about that infamous game. What was that game called?


According to Tamra it was "f---." According to Lizzie it was "marry."


When that doesn't go anywhere, the conversation turns to Vicki and Tamra and how they can move on from that massive arguments. Lizzie interjects and Tamra was very receptive to her counsel. . .


And so Lizzie is left to cry (with Heather providing the tissues). Eventually Andy wraps things up, pointing out that it took nine seasons, but Vicki is now officially the voice of reason. Low fives for that!


And that's it! Another great O.C. season. Tequila shots for all!