Heather Dubrow

Heather shares her feelings on Sarah and her name-changing party.

on Jun 22, 2012

To Alexis' credit she is trying to watch Sarah's alcohol intake during the party and encouraging her to drink water. Good luck with that.

Side note: Sarah walked past the ropes in my house, which I find unspeakably rude. I roped the house off so people would stay out of our bedrooms and the kids playroom. This was for the protection of my children. However, no matter what my reasons are, it's my home. You are a guest (albeit uninvited) I would think you would try and be respectful. . .but. . .



So, here we go. . .

Sarah ate the bow off the cake?!? Is she insane? A four year old wouldn't do that! It's tantamount to being at a wedding and defiling the cake before the bride and groom cut the cake!

To add insult to injury, she was completely unapologetic. (A forced apology from Alexis doesn't count.)