Heather Dubrow

Heather wonders what Alexis was just so up in arms about during the painting party and discusses Terry's jokes.

on Feb 21, 2012

Can you believe that food! My caterer (Brian Dobbin) is amazing and I love that he prepared a healthy and scrumptious low carb meal!

There's a lot I can say about the party, but to me the big deal was about. . .ALEXIS!
So, you met me at Vicki's party, we talked for two minutes, I invite you to the painting party and you are ALL OVER ME?!? You want to play with the big girls? Game on. . .

First of all Vicki said "there was no good restaurants in the O.C." Why are you ragging on me and not her? There are some lovely places here, but not as many as L.A., and certainly not like NYC. This is my opinion. Lay off.

Sex shop talk. . .I was not comfortable with this conversation. I barely knew these girls and they were talking about oral sex!!! I made a joke ("I'm married and I don't have to do this anymore.") in the hopes of shutting down the conversation, and Alexis jumps down my throat . Trust me dear, I will be married in 10 years. I just don't think it's appropriate to discuss sex with strangers, especially at a party!