Heather Dubrow

Heather discuess the bowling party disaster and her problems with Sarah.

on Apr 12, 2012

Dinner with Jim and Alexis. I actually feel so bad for Alexis after watching this dinner. She is saying she is happy and in a great place. This is what she always wanted. I mean, that's exactly what you want to hear from your partner! Yet Jim totally shut her down. He wants her to give up the job she cares about so much -- why? It's one day a week! He wants her at home. Seriously??? He sounded like Fred Flintstone, only less self-actualized.

On to. . .the bowling party! YIKES!!!

First of all: for the record I did not invite Sarah to the party . She is Gretchen's friend and though and I usually say "The more the merrier," in this case. . .maybe not. We had a nice chat at the top of the evening (love her then-boyfriend Kurt, he's a doll) and it all went downhill from there!

I was worried about Gretchen and Slade getting along with VickI and Brooks after what happened at the Bunco party -- but they were all fantastic. No one was looking for drama. Everyone was very civil and enjoying the stress free evening. The top prize of Cristal champagne was a big hit! Too bad I STINK at bowling!!!