Heather Dubrow

Heather discuess the bowling party disaster and her problems with Sarah.

on Apr 12, 2012

So, Vicki and I were waxing poetic about our day in L.A. and then BAM.

Sarah puts a nuclear hit on the evening! She is yelling at Vicki for NO reason and then is hugely delusional about how she approached her.

Side note: they already knew each other. Seems like she was looking to create drama and get some attention

I tried to diffuse the situation . She wouldn't listen to me or her boyfriend or Gretchen. This girl is nuts. I may need to screen Gretchen's friends for her! She is too nice to be friends with such a "wackadoodle" as G would say!

I thought Vicki handled it very well. Sarah couldn't let it go. She was on a hamster wheel going round and round and round.