Heather Dubrow

Heather Dubrow tries to find a way to kickstart her acting career again.

on Apr 27, 2012

Well! I thought this was a really fun episode! Lots of action and interesting relationship dynamics!

First things first.... My first audition back! It was so hard, so stressful. The baby has a fever. I know she is in good hands, but I hate to leave her like that! This is exactly why my career has taken a backseat to my children. I always want to be there for them! Thankfully, I have my amazing assistant Natalie to drive me, so we can drive in the carpool lane! I should be home before the baby wakes up from her nap and in time to pick up the other kids from school! I am so grateful that I have the choice to be home with my kids. I know there are many people that have to go to work. I miss my career though and I'm hoping this is the first step in my journey to figure out how to be able to work and satisfy that creative part of me -- but not miss my children. Anyone else out there understand this situation? Tweet to me @heatherdubrow or Facebook me. I would love to hear how you all deal with the work/home dilemma.

Speaking of home... Terry and Nicky playing pool was sooooo cute! I love my men!!! Terry and I have such a strong partnership. I can share anything with him. He always listens and gives me his honest opinion. We are a team and make decisions based on the good of our family and what makes the other one happy. I am so grateful for all that I have -- Terry is so supportive! I am a lucky girl!

On the flip side...

I found Jim to be so negative. Poor Alexis seems like a child asking for permission to pursue a dream. She looked sad sitting behind that big desk waiting for Jim to lay down the law. It's the polar opposite of our relationship. I hope Jim was paying attention.