Heather Dubrow

Heather Dubrow tries to find a way to kickstart her acting career again.

on Apr 27, 2012

On to VEGAS!!!

Terry and I are sooo excited for Gretchen. Her rehearsal sounded good! I know she is nervous, but she will do great!

OMG -- the PCD director is hilarious!  He needs his own show! "Diva, Diva, BeyoncĂ©..." too funny!

OMG! Poor Alexis and her makeup! She told us the story when she got to dinner -- but man -- it didn't even start to do it justice! I felt so bad for the makeup artist - she was probably nervous.  Thankfully, Alexis is a pretty girl and fixed herself up quickly!

Dinner I thought went well. Everyone seemed to get along.

The banter about fertility was funny. Btw, you all know I'm not a fan of bedroom talk in public. However, this wasn't "sex" talk -- it's seeing the funny in a stressful situation. Infertility is difficult, depressing, and exhausting. We were lucky enough to get some wonderful children through the process. The fact that we could keep our sense of humor through it was a great thing!


I'd like to say I'm tired of Alexis saying I am picking on her. The nature of this show is to say what you are thinking and how you feel about the other ladies . It's what is expected. Everyone on the show does this. When we first met , Aleixs didn't know me at all and yet she trashed me. She called me pretentious , made fun of my career, and the fact that I have a brain. This is catty and not empowering of women at all. I am now reacting to all of that. Yes, I agree, calling her dumb was not very kind. Very childish on my part. Although she does hang herself out there for it, I am sorry for those kinds of remarks.