Sarah Winchester

Sarah thinks Housewives in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

on Jun 25, 2012

I would like take a quick moment to sincerely Thank Mr. and Mrs. Dubrow for all of their perseverance and continued efforts in trying to discredit my character by calling me crazy, among other things, just to make themselves look more credible to those that have never met them or myself before.

Another comical event of the evening was how truly bemusing it was to watch Vicki walk around with her nose up in the air thinking that she was such a bad ass just because she was sporting a "politically incorrect fur coat." If Vicki took a moment to actually see what happens to all of these poor innocent animals that get brutally, beaten, mutilated, and slaughtered for her coat, she might think differently about all of her overly annoying bragging the whole night. Who needs to justify that their new boyfriend is all of a sudden this respectable, great worthy person in this group of fake and pretentious people just because of a fur coat? You know, I really used to have respect for Vicki, but she left a really bad taste in my mouth and pity for her in my heart after that night. I would defiantly recommend that Vicki spend a day with PETA and get herself educated on what her "new fur coat" really symbolizes. What you should have been saying all night is "Look at this fur coat that Brooks bought me that a poor helpless animal was brutally skinned and killed for just so I can feel superior to everyone else in the room this evening and pathetically shove it in every ones face while I'm at it as well." Why don't you just say what you really feel Vicki: "I want and need to have all my fake friends that act like we are all back in high school again to accept my new boyfriend so I don't have to justify him driving my car, living in my condo, and needing money. Someone like us please!" LOL! If you need to brutally kill an animal for that. . . 

Honestly I have one word for you Vicki: HEARTLESS! Shame on you! By the way before you stick your neck out on the chopping board to call someone out on an assumed drinking probably I would make sure that you aren't living in a glass house at the time. There hasn't been a single event that you haven't been escort by an alcoholic beverage of some sort. Don't judge me sweetheart.

Tamra is in a league of her own -- another one of the bully bunch that shouldn't be throwing stones either. I honestly tried to get to know and like her, but the woman just exudes bad energy, disloyalty, and criticism towards everyone in her life. I really don't care to associate with people like that. She can call me what she likes, but until now I have never had a bad thing to ever say about her. I really tried to make an effort to judge her based on my personal experiences with her -- not by her crazy actions in the past. It truly saddens me to see this woman who is extremely insecure, hardened by life experiences, cold hearted, and tainted try to act like she is OK with herself and her actions. Maybe that's why she enjoys picking on other people so much??? Eddie seems very level-headed, sweet, and stable. I guess that's why they say opposites attract, because Tamra is far from that. But I'm glad he has something positive to bring to the table for the two of them. I really can't help but notice, is it just me or does Tamra always need to chime and cause drama in every single situation? Every one-on-one conversation or any issue, she finds pleasure in twisting into deceit -- AND it never has anything to do with her EVER.