Tamra Barney

Tamra explains why she was dreading this episode and gives her thoughts on the Peggy/Alexis situation.

on Feb 17, 2012

The drama between Peggy and Alexis is beyond repairable. Peggy was friends with Jim and Alexis for four years and asked Jim if she could tell Alexis about their past relationship -- and he kept saying "No." I know for a fact that Peggy felt bad for keeping it a secret, and I'm not saying what she did was right. She put herself in a bad situation by being friends with them and not saying anything to Alexis. But for Jim to keep it a secret from his wife and bring Peggy around was straight out wrong. Alexis keeps justifying it by saying they don't talk about their past relationships. That's all fine and dandy in my book, as long as your past isn't in your present. I think with all that has happened between them it's safe to say they won't be friends again. Me and Vicki always joke -- "If I find out you slept with my man I'll kill ya."

I thought Gretchen's breast cancer photo shoot was beautiful. As you know, I don't think there is anything wrong with showing some skin for charity. Speaking of giving back, me and Vicki have started a wine of the month club called WinesbyWives.com. Our motto is "women giving back to women." A percentage of the proceeds will go to breast cancer research and battered woman's shelters. We have been working very hard and can't wait to share it with everyone.

Sorry for the short blog but life is crazy right now. I will be on Watch What Happens: Live next Tuesday. See you next week!

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