Tamra Barney

Tamra reflects on her favorite decade and all the drama from this episode.

on Mar 7, 2012

Q. How do you stay neutral between Vicki and Gretchen?
A. It was hard. I saw both sides of the argument and I knew that I had to keep out. As you know I am normally not one to keep my mouth shut, but I really didn't have a place in this argument. I had already talked to Gretchen about it and was planning on talking to Slade when the time was right. I don't want any more petty arguing in my life. It's toxic and I have moved on.

Q. Why did you betray Vicki by inviting Slade to your party? It seems like your desperately kissing Gretchen ass, and rolling Vicki under the bus! How could you do that to your friend?
A. I have gotten this question a lot. As you know the men were invited prior to the improv act. I am not kissing Gretchen's ass at all. Remember there is real life time and TV time. I do not feel like I have rolled over Vicki at all. I keep hearing Vicki saying things like "How could she do this to me?" and "Where is your loyalty?" Don't let "sound bites" persuade you into thinking something different is going on, actions speak louder than words. I have NOT done a thing to Vicki. The funny thing with TV is. . .if you hear me say over and over again "She hurt me. She hurt me." you will believe I hurt her even if you never saw a thing happen. Be smart!

Q. What did you have to do to get the boys to dressed up and keep it a secret from the other housewives???
A. I begged the guys to NOT tell the woman. I even volunteered to help them with their costumes since they didn't have their wives to help out. I am not sure if it was a total surprise, but I hope so. Not too many surprises left in this world.

Tamra Barney