Tamra Barney

Tamra stands by her argument with Alexis, but apologizes for throwing Terry under the bus.

on May 23, 2012

When I say she is fake I am not talking about her appearance. I don't judge people by what they look like. I learned a long time ago you can't judge a book by its cover. I think she is a very pretty girl with great fashion style -- but she doesn't have a clue. I actually see a little of myself in her ten years ago in regards to her being so insecure.

As a viewer you see her as the dingy blonde that is harmless and tries to live by the Bible. Whats wrong with that...Right? Nothing if that was truly her!

When I call her fake it is because what you see on TV is NOT what you see off-camera. We are on a reality show and we are hired to be REAL people. Not to put on a show of what we think is more interesting for the viewers. I take this job very serious as I do every job I have in life. You can say a lot of things about me but one thing you can't say is that I act fake or I don't do my job 100 percent. I will show you the good, bad, and ugly. I am not worried about being the richest, smartest, or prettiest Housewife. I am just me and I want people to know that everyone has problems, if you're on TV or not.

Why do I call her fake and pretentious? I could give you a list of reasons (including rented lifestyle, her “careers,” attempts to look popular, etc.) but the thing that really makes me upset is the way she talks down to people at stores, restaurants, the girl that designs her dresses, etc. I am a person that does not care if you pick up my trash or perform surgery on me -- everyone should be treated the same. There is so much more but I will save it for the reunion show that we film in two weeks.