Tamra Barney

Tamra talks about her divorce and apologizes to Alexis.

on Apr 6, 2012

It would have been nice to see Vicki and Brooks playing in the mud with us. I understand being in a new relationship and wanting to be with that person as much as possible. But I was missing my friend and really wanted her there. Could you imagine Vicki screaming every time she had to crawl in a mud pit. . .priceless! Next time I'm making her go with us! If there is a next time after all the injuries that went down.

It wasn't five minutes after Gretchen twisted her ankle that Eddie fell off the monkey bars and landed on his finger. When he stood up his finger had snapped in half and was pointed in the opposite direction. Terry knew immediately that he needed surgery but Eddie was in denial. He snapped it back in place and finished the race and went to lunch. He finally agreed to let me take him to the ER the next evening. Sure enough he needed three pins to put his finger back together. Seven months later it's still not fully healed.

Lunch seemed pretty strange to watch. We were all talking about old sports injuries and it really wasn't a competition in my eyes. Both Eddie and Slade are cyclists and have a lot of stories to tell. I was a little surprised to hear slade was in the Tour de France, that is a huge accomplishment and I had never heard him talk about it before. GO SLADE! At the end of the day I was very proud that everyone got down and dirty for charity -- even fancy pants who pulled off the best mud run/red carpet look I have ever seen.

Working out has truly helped me in so many ways. When I said it was like therapy to me, I meant it. It's my time to be alone and get into my head and process a lot of my feelings. If I don't workout I feel bad mentally and physically. Eddie is a huge inspiration to me. He works so much and has little time but never has an excuse to not work out. We keep very active and try to eat healthy. Our ideal date night is a night at the gym and then going for sushi.