Tamra Barney

Tamra discusses Alexis' nose job drama and her engagement.

on Mar 15, 2012

When Gretchen told us that Lex was having "sinus surgery" I had to laugh. I am sorry but she has complained about the bump on her nose for years. No one has ever heard her talk about her sinuses. Terry was totally out of the loop in the conversation and did not know who we were talking about. He did not say anything bad about having a nose job. For goodness sakes, he is a plastic surgeon and was given his medical opinion. Alexis was so rude and so defensive, which only makes you look guilty. The bottom line is, NO ONE at that table cared if she was getting a nose job. It was just the fact that she was lying about it, like she always does. When she was coming after me, I told her I agreed with her that "her nose was kinda big," which is probably the first and only thing I have ever agreed with her on. It might have been a little brutal, but she was the one that brought it up. Plastic surgery is a personal choice and it doesn't matter what others think. Have it done because you want to change it -- not for someone else.

Alexis (or should I call her Pinocchio) really should stop lying or that nose is going to get big again. When she was in the limo going off on Gretchen telling her that she always stuck up for her when it came to me I almost spit out my merlot from WinesbyWives.com. I have never talked to Alexis about Gretchen and when we fought in the past she never challenged me on what was said. I starting to think she just says what sounds good at that moment.