Tamra Barney

Tamra reflects on the changes this season and why she's happy things turned out the way they did.

on Jul 13, 2012

Vicki on the other hand has taking things to a whole other level. I don't ever think I can go back to being her friend. I sat there on that couch and watched her deflect every question that came her way. . .It's always someone else's fault in her eyes. She takes responsibility for nothing and finds someone else to blame. From her passive aggressive comments to her downright lies. Her comments about how I "turned" on her is a mystery to me. I have never turned on her for one second. I have been nothing but a good friend to her for five years. I sat there many times when she went off on my ex-husband and I sat there like a child and let them both fight over what was best for me. I never challenged her for getting in between my marriage and definitely NEVER screamed at her for the nasty things she said to Simon. . .like I should have.

I heard about Brooks from Vicki four years ago, she claimed he was a "good friend," someone she talked about all the time and often visited in Mississippi. It wasn't until last year that I met him. I thought he was charming and made Vicki happy. About six months into getting to know him, I noticed that something was off. I could not put my finger on it but something with this guy Brooks (or should I say David, his real name) just didn't make sense. Her friends, family, and office staff started calling me with the same feelings. Then an overwhelming amount of emails where coming through my fan page from people that have had "bad dealings" with Brooks. So of course I was concerned, who wouldn't be? The bottom line: friends don't let friends date losers!


On to better things. I am excited to be going on a family vacation next week to NYC with all the kids and my god-daughter Kacey. It will be our first family vacation with Eddie as a family. . .I hope he survives! We are spending a few days in the city. The kids are very excited to go see The Lion King and the Statue of Liberty. Then we are going
to spend a few days in the Hamptons with my WinesbyWives.com business partner Chris and his lovely family. Wines by Wives is sponsoring VH1 Save the Music charity event on July 21. If you're in the Hamptons I hope you will attend, love to see you there. Enjoy your summer


Tamra Barney