Tamra Barney

Tamra doubts she has enough sway over Vicki to have stopped her friendship with Alexis.

on Apr 17, 2012

She obviously told Alexis that was the case, because she said the same thing. Vicki not liking Alexis has been going on since she met her. She called her pretentious, dumb, fake, a weak woman, and constantly talked about how Alexis couldn't go anywhere without a mirror. She went as far to call her husband a smelly dork. I did not or never will tell a grown woman NOT to like someone because I didn't care for them. You even see me question Vicki when she told me that Alexis called her. I was shocked that they were talking. I shook my head and told her I was trying to wrap my brain around that one after all the years of her talking about how dumb Alexis is.

Listen, I am all for making amends and becoming friends, but I honestly feel that the only reason she was telling me this is because I have become friends with Gretchen. If Vicki and Alexis are friends then I am happy for them and would never ever get between them. I am smart enough to know that my issues with someone have no impact on anyone else. We see Vicki and Gretchen fighting all season long and I keep my mouth shut, I refuse to take sides in this fight.

I feel bad for Gretchen. I had no idea that she was going through so much with her voice. I can't wait for next week for you all to see the Vegas trip. It was great seeing Gretchen perform, she really lights up on stage. Plus, Vegas is the happiest place on earth. . .well kinda.

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