Tamra Barney

Tamra addresses the Gretchen/Slade situation, her relationship with Eddie, and her friendship style.

on Feb 29, 2012

At dinner Eddie understood and encouraged me to find my independence, financial freedom, and take the time it took to figure out what I wanted to do with my life next. We also decided to spend more family time together with the kids to get everyone ready for the next step.

Fitness was one of the things that helped me through my divorce. I have always worked out and used to be a trainer back in my younger days. But during my divorce I took it to another level. I started running. It was my time to get inside my head and reflect on what I was going through emotionally. Most days while running I would be crying my eyes out, not even acknowledging that I was on Mile 6. I was too busy sorting out my feelings to feel the pain in my legs. Before I knew it people were coming up to me and saying, "Wow you look great!" My love of working out has inspired me to open up my own group fitness studio. I want to encourage other men and woman to get fit from the inside out. I know that you can't run from your problems, but there are an emotional and physical benefits from trying.

If working out is not your thing (I bet it is if you give it a chance), then how about a glass of wine. Vicki and I are the first Housewives to come together and start a business that gives back to women. WinesbyWives.com is a celebrity wine of the month club that gives a percentage of our proceeds to charity for woman. Support my Breast Cancer charity by signing up for my wine choices.

Tamra Barney