Tamra Barney

Tamra explains her decision to have her implants removed and her inspiration to move forward.

on Apr 11, 2012

I thought bowling for Champs looked like a lot of fun. . .minus the crazy lady.

Heather is creative at coming up with unique ideas for parties, first the painting party and then the champagne bowling party. Forget the restaurant business -- she should be a party planner. I wish I could have gone just to watch, but it was just too soon after my surgery. I still had drainage tubes that are not that easy to hide in clothes.
I thought Vicki handled herself very well with the Sarah drama. I don't know Sarah too well but what from what I have seen I have to agree with Terry -- "where did she park her spaceship?"

Watching Jim and Alexis eat dinner gave me chills, right from the minute he threw her coat on the ground. His "Me Tarzan, You Jane" approach is a little hard to swallow. Saying she needed to stay home and raise his children was the most degrading thing I have heard him say, direct smack in her face. What the heck! She doesn't mean enough to him for him to say "OUR CHILDREN"? Then when he asked if she would be ordering his food I was stunned. Maybe I am spoiled, but Eddie usually will give the server my order or I do it myself. He would never expect me to order for him unless he was in the bathroom.


You can see that his control is wearing on Alexis, and I was proud of her for sticking up for herself. I know this all to well. The more independence she gets the more he is going to try and hold her back. I think I know where this is headed. I hope she did not quite her Fox Five job because her husband made her. But maybe she should for obvious reasons. . .YIKES!