The First 'Wives Club

Episode 14:'s Editor discusses puppies at parties and ring size.

May 15, 2012

Hello dog and royalty lovers! It's a beautiful, "Simon"-tattoo free day in Orange County. Let's discuss exactly what it takes to have a Puppy Princess Party shall we?

Gone to the Dogs
Alexis has decided to throw the twins a "princess puppy party." This is a genre of parties that I think is sorely under represented. I don't hear enough about parties that combine these two wonderful things -- canines and classicism. I wonder if there was a rival "cats and princes" party down the street. At least that's an idea for their fifth birthday.

Anyway, once Alexis had been spray-tanned, the furniture had been moved, and all is in order, it's time for the big event. Alexis has rented several puppies for the affair, with promise to return them after the party -- a fact I'm sure her kids will weep openly about once the day ends.

But before that, the princesses arrive, the bell is rung, and Alexis tells the tale of her baby girls' entrance into the world.

It's not a fourth birthday party until Demerol is discussed. Now bring on the puppies! Adopt them if you wish! Take the puppy you've convinced your parents to adopt with you on the carriage ride.