The First 'Wives Club

Episode 14:'s Editor discusses puppies at parties and ring size.

May 15, 2012

I'd be remiss not to mention that when I was a kid I had a party where goldfish were the party favors, and even those seemed too high maintenance for parents to take. I ended up raising about 10 of them. I'd love to know exactly how many tots took home dogs from Alexis' party. Hopefully those kids are more convincing than my friends were.

Alexis on the other hand, was more concerned about taking that baby home. . .

Diamonds Are For Later
Despite Gretchen's dad's protest, Slade decided to go ring shopping. And, since you can't make a purchase without a Fancy Pants opinion, Heather comes along. Heather admits that picking out diamonds is right in her wheelhouse, and I have to say I'd entrust her taste in engagement rings fully. Heather is proud of Slade's commitment to Gretchen, and even if he hasn't fixed his issues yet, they still have the entire engagement to figure it out.

After selecting a ring that will blind people whenever Gretchen waves, Slade wonders if he could perhaps use a faux gemstone for now and then swap in something better when he can. Er, buddy. Maybe just go with something simpler then. A nice band could do the trick, and let it just be about you loving her and wanting to go to the next step -- whenever that might be.

And so when Heather sits down for a little chat with Gretchen, it's about more than just Heather's fabulous house and her bathroom sitting room. The gals get to discussing Slade's situation and how Gretchen really feels about what he has must do before they wed. Gretchen is worried that history will repeat itself and her marriage with Slade will be plagued with the same financial issues her first marriage was. But, despite all those hang ups, she can't imagine not being with him.