The First 'Wives Club

Episode 14:'s Editor discusses puppies at parties and ring size.

May 15, 2012

Heather recommends seeking counseling, and it seems like maybe they do need to have a bigger conversation about the rest of their lives together -- or apart.

In other Heather news – hang in there lady. You'll get the next role, and as you said, it was meant to be or not be as it was.

The Finger Didn't Mean a Thing
While Heather's busy dealing with what goes on people's fingers, her husband is trying to get something off of Tamra's -- her Simon tattoo.

Unfortunately, her nervous diarrhea is really slowing up the process. . .

However, after a couple of quick bathroom trips, Terry bravely goes where lasers can't. It looks terrifying, but it's the final symbol of her relationship with Simon.

Now that her finger is former lover free, Eddie can toss a ring on it. Tamra is worried about how integrating her children into their relationship will affect things -- but Eddie did his best to assuage her fears over dinner. There was something so sweet about Eddie saying he would have left "a long time ago," if that was the case. He loves her, no matter what comes with it. And nothing Simon is currently doing will change what they've built together.

Especially now that her Franken-finger is ready for a ring. Get ready Eddie (and from your boner talk you might already be)!