The First 'Wives Club

Episode 10:'s Editor discusses the ladies glamping trip and Gretchen's vocal issues.

Apr 17, 2012

Hello Glampers!

I hope you've packed your bed rolls, screw top wine, and emergency breast implant ice packs, because the wilderness is a dangerous place -- filled with skunks and people who doubt your financial claims. Let's recap the Orange County ladies attempt at camping!

Let Me Get My Microscope

Before we get into the woods, we have to confront the new species that is Tamra, sans a few cup sizes. And Vicki is not into it. Not only are they small, she's never going to have sensation in her nipples again (according to Vicki). Well now we firmly know where Vicki stands on the boobs or butt debate (boobs).

Besides just ragging on Tamra's smaller chest, Vicki fills her in on the bowling party disaster -– and on her budding friendship with Alexis. Tamra is having a hard time grasping how these two can be pals, and we'll have to see if she's right. . .
There's a lot of water under that there bridge.

Eddie doesn't seem to mind the sizes, but perhaps that's just because Tamra kept the old ones on hand just in case. That's right folks. Did you know that breast implants also make delightful ice packs? The more you know! So until he can test drive the newest merchandise, he must suffice on these faux fun bags, and these two kids will just have to sit around recovering and not lifting heavy things together.