The First 'Wives Club

Episode 10:'s Editor discusses the ladies glamping trip and Gretchen's vocal issues.

Apr 17, 2012

Troop Orange County
Next we see Alexis packing marshmallows and graham crackers for the camping trip. It was Mrs. Bellino's idea to send the gang into the wilderness (for that we thank her), but her doctor believes she needs a helping hand. So she decides to bring Shannon, as a friend/hair and makeup lady/nurse. Also in tow are Vicki and Briana and Heather sans hair dryer.
The ladies immediately begin getting into the natural swing of things on the ride over, when Alexis breaks into dance.

Unfortunately, that seems to be a bit too active for her, and she must finish her moves and ice her face. Dancing is the most dangerous game people. Never forget.

Cat's Got Her Throat

Gretchen, meanwhile, is texting Slade drink orders because she's still on vocal rest. She's packed her bags for glamping, but Slade thinks to prevent forest fires more damage to her voice by staying home. So, despite her desire to smooth things over with Alexis, she decides to glamp another day.

Once she's feeling rested, she meets with the coach who will teach her "Fever" for the big performance. It's obvious that Gretchen's in pain when she's trying to sing, which is really rough to watch. Did anyone else just want to give her a lozenge and tell her to rest? In the car, G just breaks down. Her voice is stressful enough, and then Gretchen gets all swirled up, pondering the fight with Vicki and Slade's stand up and how everything led to the current situation. It's a big spiral, but here's hoping Gretchen can focus on what she can do at this point to get her through the performance (leaving us on pins on to see what happens next week).